My email address is [email protected]

I've written a SSH program Dropbear, it's running on millions of computers.

Wort temperature control with web interface (ip6) for beer brewing

A web page to calculate display width/height/dpi from resolution/diagonal size.

A hardware watchdog for a Raspberry Pi using an AVR. It toggles between the normal kernel and a recovery one.

Bits and pieces of Apple stuff.

Want to transfer files through an existing SSH connection? ssh-xfer might be the answer!

A PC server in a DEC DLT drive chassis. Everything is screwed through holes in the chassis.

Bypassing thinkpad passwords and booting broken ones.

All the X launcher programs I could find seemed to use GTK. A quick hack written only with Xlib is thinglaunch.c. It compiles to a 6kB binary, and pops up a box where you can type a program to run. It has since been forked as thingylaunch and separately enhanced to work as a SSH_ASKPASS program.

Some fractal code/images.

A diceware app for android. Source code.

Current measurement bypass switch using a 3.5mm mono socket

PBKDF2 written in pure python.

Teardown of an old John Deere controller

A SSH server for a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller, Sunset SSH. Also runs elsewhere.

How to wire a cat5 cable.

A few other programs I've written are on github

I have a PGP key

This page is hosted at the University Computer Club at the University of Western Australia.